About Us

Visit us at:  142 Shoemaker Rd.,  Pottstown, PA 19464

Call us at: 610-326-5055

E-mail us at:  pottstownsewing@verizon.net
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you repair all makes and models of sewing machines in addition to the Baby Lock brand?

  • YES!  We service all brands and all sizes.  Just give us a call!

​​How long do repairs take?

  • We have a pretty quick turn-around time. Generally speaking, you could have your machine back within a week.

Do ​you give classes on how to use my new sewing machine?

  • Absolutely yes!  Depending on the sewing machine, you will get up to three classes that encompass the different capabilities of your machine.

Do you offer sewing classes?

  • ​Certainly! We offer quilting classes, machine embroidery classes, sewing classes, everything from beginner to advanced.

How do I find out about the classes?

  • You can simply explore our "classes" page on this website. You can visit us at the shop.  You can check on it on FaceBook.  Or you can download a copy of our tri-annual newsletter.

I'm new to sewing but I think I might want to learn.  Will I be overwhelmed?

  • No!!  There's a reason that we're call You "Sew" Happy Place.  Everyone at Pottstown Sewing loves to sew but had to start somewhere.  We are a very supportive group of sewists and will be more than happy to help you.​

My sewing machine is old, I don't know if it works​, and I want to get back into sewing.  What do I do?

  • First, bring your machine in to us to evaluate it.  We have  expert technicians that can do wonders.  However, if you're thinking that you would like a newer machine, we would be happy to show you what we have that would fit your sewing needs.